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Frequently Accessed Queries (FAQs)

Find frequently asked questions sorted into the categories below and click on the question you have for an answer. If you can't find an answer to your question, tweet us at @SEAPonyCon.


Who we are and what we do

What is The Medium?

The Medium is a virtual convention centre created by Project SEAPonyCon. It is hosted in a Minecraft server that can be accessed at Find out how to connect here.

What is Project SEAPonyCon?

Project SEAPonyCon is Southeast Asia’s premier brony community built around Asia’s most diverse brony convention. There’s more about us at

What happens in The Medium?

We host events from time to time, starting with Quantum SEAPonyCon which took place in May 2020. Check out the events page over here to see what’s coming up!

Why Minecraft?

There are many online games and platforms where we could hold an online convention. We chose Minecraft so that we could build our own convention centre from the ground-up and have full control over it to try to bring the convention experience as we know it to you over the internet.

How do I get in touch with the community?

You can follow us on Twitter at @SEAPonyCon and also join our Discord Server at

Can I host events in The Medium?

You can get in touch with us at if you would like to know more about hosting events in our venue. While we encourage holding meetups in the server, contact us before hand to avoid clashing with other events or maintenance we may have planned.

Can I rent the main hall for events?

At the moment we are still fine-tuning the server and will not be accepting applications to use the infrastructure in The Medium just yet but stay tuned to our social media for developments on this!


How you can interact with The Medium

How do I visit The Medium?

You can connect to The Medium by clicking “Enter The Medium” in the main menu once Minecraft loads from our launcher. Alternatively you can access the server at through the Multiplayer interface.

Why do I have to download an installer?

Since The Medium requires a modded Minecraft client to access the server, we have put together a convenient installer that will install all these mods for you. You can also use our mod pack on Technic to download the required mods or download the mods required here to prepare your existing Minecraft installation for The Medium if you'd rather not use the installer.

Why does my computer say the installer is unsafe?

The installer that we put together is compiled by us but we do not have a Signing Certificate from Microsoft or Apple, therefore some computers will flag our software as unsafe. All we can do is say that our installer is safe. If you would rather not take our word for it, consider loading the mods required from the Technic platform instead.

Will the required mods upset my current Minecraft installation?

If you use our installer or the Technic platform, these will create a separate Minecraft installation that is separate and independent of any current Minecraft installations on your computer. However, if you choose to add the mods to your current Minecraft installation, you will need to check for conflicting mods yourself.

Does it cost anything to visit The Medium?

Project SEAPonyCon does not impose any charge to access The Medium and all public spaces inside it. However, other charges may apply. You will need an official Minecraft Java Edition account which might cost you money. In addition you may also incur charges on your internet service provider. These are beyond the control of Project SEAPonyCon.


Some things may or may not work - here's what we know.

Why do I have problems connecting?

You may be running an incorrectly configured Minecraft client. Use our installer or ensure that you are running Minecraft 1.12.2 Forge. You also need to ensure that you have all the required mods installed and loaded. Loading from the Technic platform or using our Installer will do this for you.

Why am I getting invalid session and/or username verification errors?

We use our server in Online Mode to prevent griefing and abuse. However, this requires that you have a Minecraft account which you may need to purchase if you haven't done so already. Consider buying the game and make sure you buy the Java version.

I have a licensed copy of MInecraft, why am I still getting session and username errors?

If you share your account with someone and both of you try to login at the same time, you may face this problem. If you don't share your account, it may be compromised. Consider changing your password.

Why am I not on the whitelist?

The Medium may go into maintenance mode once in a while to fix problems. During this time, only the Builders Guild is allowed inside and you may get a Whitelist error.

Why can't I connect from my mobile device/game console?

Mobile devices such as iPads, smartphones, Android tablets as well as game consoles such as Xbox and Nintendo Switch all run the Bedrock version of Minecraft which our server is not compatible with. Unfortunately you cannot connect to The Medium from these platforms.

You will also not be able to connect from Minecraft for Windows 10 and Minecraft Education Edition.

Will you bring support to Minecraft Bedrock?

There are no plans to support Minecraft Bedrock as it cannot support mods. Mods are essential to the convention experience we want to create in The Medium and therefore we will only be focussing on Minecraft Java for this.


Questions you may have once you are in The Medium

Why am I a pony in the game?

What’s wrong? Isn’t that a dream come true?

Seriously, why am I a pony!?

You may have the Mine Little Pony mod installed and enabled. If you are using our official installer, this means you may have enabled it during your first run. Follow these instructions to disable it. Note that the Mine Little Pony mod is not created by or affiliated with Project SEAPonyCon.

What if I want to customise my pony?

You can do so but bear in mind, only those who are also running the Mine Little Pony mod will be able to see your customised pony and that the design will not affect your main Minecraft character. You can find out how to customise your pony here.

Can I use a hacked client?

No. You are not allowed to use a hacked client for whatever reason including fast travel. We have anti-cheat plugins on our server that can and will kick you if you are detected to be using a hacked client. You may also be banned from the server.

Why did I get kicked for hacking when I wasn't?

The anti-cheat plugins on our server may be a bit oversensitive at times. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Can I use shaders in The Medium?

You may use shaders at your own risk. The Medium is not optimised for shaders and the additional load may hamper your experience. Shaders are also known to cause issues with the screens inside the convention halls.

Why can't I build in The Medium?

Building in The Medium can only be done by the Builders' Guild. Construction is locked to prevent griefing.

What is the Builders' Guild?

The Builders' Guild is the group of builders who helped construct The Medium. We are currently not accepting new applications but stay tuned because this may change in the future.


Issues you may face in The Medium

Why are all the in-game screens showing only white?

This is caused by the MCEF mod not working correctly. Unfortunately at this point, the screens only can function on Windows installations. We hope to bring this functionality to Mac and Linux soon. Even if you are on an unsupported OS, you need to have the MCEF mod installed or you will not be able to connect.

If you are running Windows, please note that MCEF only works with 64-bit versions of Windows.

Why are all the in-game screens blank and dark?

This problem can be caused by using shaders that are incompatible with the WebDisplays mod. We recommend that you disable shaders while navigating The Medium or switch to a shader pack where the displays are visible for the best experience.

Why is there music still playing even after I disconnect?

The official launcher for The Medium has background music. However, if you find some other audio still playing after you disconnect, this may be caused by an audio glitch. Restarting your game should solve this.

How do I disable the Mine Little Pony mod?

After launching Minecraft, click on “Options...”, then look for a small tab on the top right of the screen. When you click on it, a Liteloader menu should pop out. Click on “Mine Little Pony” and then “Disable Mod”, then do the same for “HD Skins” and restart your Minecraft client.


Removing The Medium from your computer

If you used our Legacy Installer (from May 2020)

Right click your Start Menu, go to Apps and Features, scroll to "Quantum SEAPonyCon" and press Uninstall. We no longer maintain this launcher. You are advised to remove it from your system and use  one of these methods to connect.

If you use our current installer (October 2020 onwards) on Windows 10

Right click your Start Menu, go to Apps and Features, scroll to "The Medium" and press Uninstall.

If you use our current installer (October 2020 onwards) on Windows 7/8/8.1

Go to Start > Control Panel, then click Uninstall a Program. Look for The Medium and press Uninstall.

If you use our current installer (October 2020 onwards) on MacOS 10.13+

Open Finder and go to your Applications folder, then drag the icon for The Medium to your trash can.

If you used the Technic modpack platform

Open your Technic launcher and login with your Mojang credentials, then go to Modpacks. Click on "The Medium by SEAPonyCon" and press "Delete Pack".


Other FAQs that don't fit in the above categories

How do I access my hotel room?

After donating, we will email you a room key that you can enrol into an Authenticator app on your smartphone. The app will then generate a unique code for you to enter your room at The Redstone Hotel. You will have to generate a new code everytime you want to access your room for security.

Can I invite friends over to my hotel room?

Yes you can. However, please be cautious when exposing your room key as anyone with the original key code sent to your email may be able to generate codes to enter your room.

Why I have not received my hotel room key?

The process of creating and issuing hotel keys is manual and we may have overlooked a step. Please contact us at to have this resolved.

Why doesn't my hotel room key work?

There may be an issue with your keycard. Please contact us at to resolve this.

What do I do if my hotel key is lost/compromised?

Please contact us at to resolve this, let us know how it happened and we will try to prevent it in the future.

System Requirements

The Medium runs on a heavily-modded Minecraft server, which in turn would require your computer to have sufficient resources to be able to run smoothly.

- A 64-bit Intel or AMD computer running Microsoft® Windows 7 or higher

- A licensed copy of Minecraft Java Edition. The Medium will unfortunately not be compatible with Minecraft Bedrock, sorry.

- A Discord account.

- Speakers/Headphones

- A stable internet connection

- Basic knowledge of Minecraft movement controls

* Although Minecraft is cross-platform, our mod pack unfortunately is not. While it will be possible to join the server from other platforms if the correct mods are installed, the best experience will be on Windows.